Leadership Team of St. Joseph Province of Sisters of Divince Providence
From the Left - Clockwise:
Srs. Augustina(Provincial), Rosa, Dominica, Teresa, and Noel


The Mother House/ Internal/prayer ministries
We practice the mission of Jesus Christ and dedicate ourselves to a life of prayer and action in the spirit of
Bishop Ketteler and Mother Marie. By pray and the service of our Sisters, we extend our spiritual inspiration
unto Sisters serving in external ministries.
    - Address:   Kyegido Whasungsi Pongdamup Wangrimri 220
     - Tel:          031-227-3632-3
     - Director:    Sister Teresa Park
445-895 Kyegido Whasungsi Pongdamup Wangrimri 220
TEL (031)227-3632.3 FAX (031)227-6933 E-mail : sdpkorea@yahoo.co.kr

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